Hamptons Backyard Wedding: Lisa and Peter


It may have been the hottest day of the summer, but Lisa and Peter didn't sweat it. Despite the heat the day was all about emotions and love during their Hamptons Backyard Wedding. 

The outpouring of emotion started early in the day from the time Lisa put on her stunning dress from Adrienne's in the Lower East Side (and had one of my all-time favorite reactions to seeing herself all ready to go on her wedding day) and continued all the way through the late night dance party on the patio. 

The wedding was a simple and lovely affair hosted in the backyard of a house in East Hampton. After a first look on a quiet, private beach and a blessing to the bride by her grandmother, friends and family huddled close and shared happy tears as the couple exchanged vows. Throughout the rest of the evening there were hundreds of loving hugs and some truly spirited dancing. And of course, due to Peter and Lisa's connection to the restaurant world, delicious food was on a constant rotation. Silver Spoon Specialties not only had a raw oyster bar but also sent out round after round of lobster rolls, tacos, french fries and more before switching up to desserts at the end of the night: zeppoles and cinnamon elephant ears. Lisa and Peter even had a special hot weather treat in store for their guests: a Mr. Softee ice cream truck arrived to serve up soft serve as a cool break from the hot dancing. 

It's so amazing to see couples creating a party that is fun and inclusive for all of their guests while truly revolving around the celebration of their love and relationship. Lisa and Peter's party was welcoming and warm and such a joy to be a part of. Thank you both so much for including me in your day!

Photography: Sarah Bode-Clark Photography

Location: Private backyard

Catering: Silver Spoon Specialties

Dress: Adrienne's

Florist: Wittendales

Bridesmaids' Dresses: Lulus

Customized USB Drives (wedding favors): LogoTech