Cheap Date Ideas in NYC


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AKA: How to actually date your fiancé while still saving for your wedding day. 

After saying 'Yes!' when the question is popped it is so easy to get wrapped up in the planning and excitement for the coming wedding. But I think it's really important to continue to spend time with your partner doing things that don't relate to the big event. Schedule dates to have some fun together and check in on things that don't involve guest lists or table linen choices. And even though you may be pinching every penny you can to save for the day of your dreams there are still plenty of ways to get out and have a great time on the cheap. 

Here's a list of more than fifteen inexpensive date ideas around New York City. See a show, explore some art and laugh a lot, with most options coming in under $15 a person (and many free ideas, too)! Remember all the reasons you decided to get married in the first place and help build an even stronger relationship in the process.  


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