Fort Greene Newborn Lifestyle Session: Baby Ida


It is truly such an incredible honor when I get the opportunity to capture a bit of time in the first few days of a newborn's life with their family. There's the haze of sleepiness, trepidation and oodles of awe and love. It's such a special time when the baby is still so very small and wonderfully squishy and sleepy and it goes by in the flash of the eye. I love capturing these moments in photos for the family to hold onto as they watch their baby grow bigger and bigger, seemingly by the minute. 

Early in the summer I got to meet Baby Ida and hang out with her fun and awesome parents, plus both sets of grandparents and her fur-brother Murray. We enjoyed bagels (oh, my goodness--every single new parent should be gifted a supply of breakfasts from Russ and Daughters. What a treat!), coffee, snuggles with Ida, and an unprompted fashion modeling session from the dog. Ida stayed wide awake through almost the whole session, showing off her best Zoolander looks (newborns make the silliest faces and though the sleepy baby thing is awesome, I love catching those strange stares for posterity), proving to already be up for any adventure that comes her way, sleep be damned. I can't wait to see the trouble that Ida and Murray will get up to together in the years to come. 

Janie, Mike, and Ida, thank you so much for sharing your morning (and your whitefish salad) with me! Congratulations on the most incredible new addition to your family.