Gantry Plaza Park Proposal | Oren and Julie


It was chilly and snow covered the ground at Gantry Plaza Park, but that meant it was incredibly quiet and felt like all of NYC had slowed down just for Oren's proposal to Julie.

These two cuties had been together for about two years when Oren popped the question. Their first date was over coffee as Oren returned to the city from a skiing trip, so the snow on the ground during the proposal made for perfect symmetry. 

After a happy-tear-filled 'yes!' Oren and Julie popped a bottle of champagne and we spent a bit of time taking a few portraits with the NYC skyline and the Pepsi sign as backdrops to commemorate the occasion. 

I love being a part of these special occasions with my clients. I'm thrilled to have been able to celebrate such a perfect moment with Oren and Julie. Thank you both! Best wishes and love.