Prep Your Cell Phone to be Your Perfect Wedding Planning Sidekick


Somehow as soon as that engagement ring hits the finger you and your fiancé's to-do list grows by about a million miles. Thankfully you've got just the thing to help you keep it all under control right in your pocket every day: your trusty cell phone. 

Here are some tips to get your cell phone 'planning ready'

... along with some must-have apps to keep your sanity in check while preparing for  your wedding day. #yougotthis 

* Clean it up. Start by making sure you have a clean(ish) slate to work from by going through and clearing out any apps you never use, deleting old podcasts/music/photos, etc. Freeing up the space will not only help keep things more organized but it will also keep your phone running a bit quicker. 

* Create a Wedding App Folder. Put every app you are using for planning into this folder. No wasting time hunting for what you need. 

* Create a Wedding Planning Photo Folder. You should send any photos you snap for ideas here: dresses, color swatches, centerpiece ideas from dinner at your fave restaurant, et al. 

Keep the Details on Hand. Once you select your wedding colors have a photo of each swatch in your wedding planning photo folder for easy access when you are purchasing odds and ends for the big day. If you are basing the colors off of actual fabrics and not online swatches be sure to take a photo of the fabric in the daylight (next to a window or outdoors is best) without a flash so you can have the most accurate color rendition. If you are using a specific design, logo, pattern keep a photo of this on hand as well.

Input All Contact Info. Make sure you have the contact information of all important parties for your wedding day: your parents, your future in-laws, wedding party members. As you book your vendors add them to your contacts as well. Create groups if you keep contacting the same folks together again and again (i.e. your side of the wedding party).

The Must-Have Apps

Evernote. This app is awesome for any sort of organization, not just wedding planning, but it has some features that will save your life and keep all the notes you need in one place. You can create to-do lists, share folders with your fiancé and wedding party, add files or photos and keep it all organized with Notebooks and Tags. My favorite two features of Evernote: 1) If you take a photo of a page with words on it (aka something out of a wedding magazine you want to remember) you can actually search for the words that show up on that page. It's like scanning without the hassle of scanning. And 2) You can add the Evernote Web Clipper to your browser and save helpful articles (like this one) or webpages filled with inspiration to your wedding notebook. 

Wedding Happy. The app to help you keep on task and on budget, to make sure you don't miss a payment, and to ensure you don't miss a beat. Easy to use and easy to set up, you'll be on your way to planning in no time. Your wedding party can also download and join your wedding and you can leave them tasks to complete leading up to your event. 

Mint. It's all about the money, money, money. Plan your budget and keep on track. 

Holy Matrimoji. Ok. So maybe this isn't an essential app, but I'm totally obsessed with the beautifully drawn wedding emojis, stickers and GIFs. I want to get married all over again just to find an excuse to send every single one. 

Calm. When you feel like things are piling up or it's getting to be a little too much, make sure you are taking some you time. Starting each day with a simple meditation is a surefire way to go forth energized and focused. 

What have been your favorite ways to use your cell phone for planning your wedding? Let me know in the comments!