11 Damn Cool Brooklyn Wedding Venues


The amazing thing about getting married in Brooklyn? That there are so many unique and beautiful venues to choose from. The tough thing about getting married in Brooklyn? That there are SO MANY beautiful venues to choose from--how will you ever decide??

I love that you can find beautiful parks with greenery, small, intimate, homey rooms, AND large, industrial warehouses all in the same borough. No matter your wedding style, there is something just right for you. 

I've gathered up a list of some super fun, unique Brooklyn wedding venues for you to check out below. Kick off your wedding planning by finding your perfect location today!


11 Damn Cool Brooklyn Wedding Venues

* Prospect Park

2 Different venues to choose from, and a large park as your playground. The park was opened initially in 1867 and was designed by the same team that created Central Park, so you've got your New York history in tow along with your green spaces perfect for romantic photos.


* Urban Cowboy

Talk about the Instagram dreamboat of a wedding venue. SO. MUCH. GORGEOUS. HIPSTER. STYLE. 


* Brooklyn Grange

It's a rooftop. It's a farm. So basically you've got the best of both worlds: a lush, green setting with city views. Plus eating a wedding meal that's grown at your wedding venue is pretty damn awesome.


* Brooklyn Winery

Warm and welcoming space, local wine. Full service Brooklyn weddings at their finest.


* Brooklyn Historical Society

Wed surrounded by history, literally. A stunning library space filled with an impressive collection of tomes on the history of Brooklyn in a Queen Anne-style building opened in 1881. There's also an open space for a reception outside of the library so the party can get crazy without risking the books.


* Jane's Carousel

A beautiful, historic carousel and seriously some of the best views in the city. The Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan skyline become the backdrop for your big day. 


* Coney Island Museum

Looking for bright, colorful, and fun? Look no further. Celebrate in the style your younger self would kill for by hitting up the nearby carnival rides, PLUS you can get those sexy beach shots as well. 


* Brooklyn Art Library

An amazing space for creatives: start the next stage of your relationship surrounded by art and ideas and 35,000+ sketchbooks from all over the world. 


* MyMoon

Stunning, industrial and romantic space with an attached courtyard. It's so Brooklyn and so lovely.


* Greenwood Park

Got a larger guest list? Greenwood Park has you covered. A Brooklyn beer hall built from a former gas station/mechanic shop with both indoor and outdoor spaces (and the possibility of fire pits--I'm thinking s'mores for dessert...). 


* The Green Building

It's hard to have a Brooklyn venue list and leave off The Green Building. Sure, you've heard of it before, but the former brass foundry truly is a lovely space to host a wedding party. 



Don't see what you are looking for? Well you are in luck! I've got a list of over 50 MORE Brooklyn Wedding Venues available for you. Click below to get the list!

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