Tips to Give Your Wedding Planning the Royal Treatment

Couple getting ready together before wedding. Kissing after putting on wedding attire. Royal wedding inspiration. Wedding tiara and blue suit. 

For weeks you haven't been able to hit a wedding blog/inspo site without seeing updates from the royal wedding of Meghan and Harry. If you happen to be planning your own wedding you may be feeling a little jealous/in awe/inspired by the whole extravaganza. And even if you won't be changing your title to Duke or Duchess after 'I do" you can still get the royal wedding planning experience with the following tips. 

1. Hire a wedding planner. 

Wanna feel like a prince/princess throughout the planning process? A planner will give you that experience by taking care of all of the little nitty gritty details that would otherwise have you pulling your hair out in frustration. They'll make sure contracts are in place, your timeline is on point, and will ensure that every vendor and delivery get where they need to be on your wedding day. Sit back, relax, and let someone else take on that load.

2. Add personal touches right alongside tradition. 

Sure, maybe family tradition dictates that you have a church ceremony, but you can always bring in your own style and flair and pair it up hand-in-hand. Perhaps a fiery, eloquent speaker does his thing before the vows? Or music selections that are special to you or even bright, loud flowers that contrast the mute ceremony interior. Tradition during ceremonies can be lovely, but it's extra wonderful when there are touches that speak to who you truly are as a couple. 

3. Plan multiple parties. 

So the parents have one thing in mind for what your celebration should look like, and it's not the blow-out of your dreams. Why not do both?? Have the classy celebration early in the evening and throw a rager of an after-party. Elope in a remote locale with 4 of your best friends and spend your wedding night by a campfire and then return home to an elegant garden party. Have a cake and punch ceremony one day and an all-day bar-crawl the next. No one's telling you that you can't have it all.

4. Take care of you.

When creating your planning schedule add appointments for massages, facials, yoga/workout sessions. Add scheduled date nights with your boo where you will not talking anything wedding. Schedule dates with your friends and do the same. Now: stick to these appointments. Don't push aside your wellness when you start to feel the time crunch. You will work more efficiently when you are healthy and rested.

5. Seek out a wedding photographer who can give YOU the royal treatment. 

You want someone who will guide you through the process leading up to the event. You want someone you trust and will put you at ease on your wedding day. And you want someone who will capture the emotions of the day as it unfolds around you with a photojournalistic approach so the world will be able to see your quiet moments of love and happiness. I may know someone who fits the bill... ;) 

How are you giving yourself the royal treatment as you plan your wedding? I wanna hear all about it in the comments! Happy planning.