Where are you located?

I'm based in Brooklyn, New York, but I'm always down for an adventure and an excuse to get away so don't hesitate to reach out for an out-of-town or destination wedding. I've traveled as close as the Hamptons and the Catskills and as far away as Orlando, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica for work, and I'd be thrilled to add your destination to the list. 

Do you charge a travel fee? 

There is no travel fee for any weddings within 50 miles of New York City. Weddings outside of this range are charged on a case-by-case basis depending on your needs. AKA: Typically I only charge you for the fees I incur in traveling such as transportation or hotel costs. 

Who will be photographing my wedding if I hire Sarah Bode-Clark Photography?

When you hire my company you get me at every event, every time. When you add a second photographer, you'll get someone from my trusted circle of photographer peers as part of your day. I only work with people whose work I believe in, someone who I know will be a fun, welcomed addition to your event. 

In the event of an extreme emergency where I'd suddenly become unavailable for your wedding, I'm part of a group of reliable, strong photographers who are on-call to take over at a moment's notice. I've never had to use this amazing group, but I believe in always having a back-up plan. 

What kind of gear do you photograph with?

Currently I work with the Canon system with full-frame cameras and professional lenses. I chose my gear to give you beautiful imagery while being easily portable and ready to move wherever the action takes us. I also never leave home without back-up gear in case something goes wrong/gets dropped/spazzes out. If you know your camera stuff and want to get really geeky, hit me up and we can talk specifics.

Do you have insurance?

Yep! Both gear coverage and liability. If your venue needs to see proof of insurance just let me know and I will get them a copy. 

When will I get my photos? How many images will I get? Will they be watermarked? Can I print them?

You can expect to receive your online gallery within 6 weeks of your wedding day. I don't shoot to give you a specific number of photos, this varies from event to event based on hours of coverage, if there is a second photographer, etc., but typically you will receive at least 50 photos/hour from your wedding day. The online gallery will show a watermark but when you download the photos it will not be present in the image. The watermark in the gallery is only there to protect your photos from outsiders and not to keep you from fully enjoying and using the images. 

Yes, you can print your photos. You receive print release of the images as part of your package. I recommend ordering professional prints or products (albums, canvas prints, etc.) through your online gallery to ensure excellent color rendition and reliable construction as I cannot guarantee the quality when ordering through other sources. If you have any questions or need any guidance in how to get the photos off of your computer I am more than happy to help. It's important to me that you live with your photos outside of the digital world and will assist this goal in any way I can!

What is the 'online gallery'?

Each wedding package comes with an online gallery, which is a link to a web page with all of your wedding photos. This online gallery can be shared with your family and friends after the wedding (hooray to you not having to send 50+emails to each of your family members with each of their favorite images from the day). The photos can be downloaded from this link and you can also order prints, framed images, canvases, albums and more through the store in the gallery. The online gallery is available for 1 year after your wedding date. 

Do you edit the photos we receive?

Yes. Each image you receive will get a basic edit. This means it will be color corrected and cropped when necessary and slight adjustments made to get the photo ready to view. This does not mean that I will be going into each portrait and slimming arms, making eyes bigger, plumping lips, etc. etc. etc. I believe you are amazing....just the way you are. ;) I want you to look back years from now and see how truly beautiful you were on your wedding day.

Can I get the RAW files of our photos?

No. I chose to deliver to you a final product that is ready to be printed, shared, loved for years. Who has time to edit their own wedding pics anyways?! Don't worry, the images you receive will cover the range of your day and I promise not to hold back anything that may be important to you in any way. Images that you don't receive are typically duplicates, or photos where someone has their eyes closed or someone has stepped in front of the frame. 

If we want to take portraits at a fun location outside of our venue during the wedding session or engagement session do we need a permit?

Unfortunately this is a question that needs to be asked to the location manager of the space you have in mind. There are so many wonderful places that would make for gorgeous photos around New York City and the world, but each one has its own position on what is or isn't allowed. I can help locate the information for you if you have a specific place in mind, however many locations require the permit to be obtained by the couple not the photographer. I recommend you do this well in advance of your session as we don't want to be turned away while we are on the tight timeline of your wedding day. 

Should we provide you with a shot list for the wedding day? Will you take formal family portraits?

Heck no! Why add to your pre-wedding to-do list when you don't have to? I know many wedding websites and blogs will tell you to bring in a list of all of the must-have photos during the wedding day, but I promise I know to capture your first kiss and your first dance. However, if there's something special to your day you know you want captured (maybe you are carrying your grandmother's broach on your bouquet or you are planning a naked flash mob dance to finish out the reception) let me know about these unique details, and I'll be sure to add them to the list. But don't worry, I'll ask you about anything like this as we go over details leading up to your event.

I always set aside time for formal family/wedding party photos during each wedding. Even if you are more excited about the candid photos throughout the day, I guarantee these images will be precious to your parents, grandparents, and to you in the future. I will help you put together a list of your essential formal portraits, and we'll discuss ways to make this part of the day as quick and as easy as possible on everyone so you can all get back to the party ASAP. 

How do we book you?

Fill out the form above to inquire about your wedding date. If you are ready to move forward with booking, I'll send you all the info you need. If you are still in the decision-making phase, I'll answer your questions and discuss package options. We can continue our conversation via email, phone call, or meet in person in the NYC area--whichever you prefer. 

To secure your your wedding date you'll pay a 25% retainer fee and sign a contract. Then we are ready to party!