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My Story


I was raised in a town of 150 people in Kansas. (That's me above on the right getting a perm with my sister. What else did we have to do around there besides make crazy decisions about our hair?). Despite moving myself to Brooklyn after college I am still a small-town girl at heart. 

I know my neighbors and always say hello. I sometimes get overwhelmed in rush-hour subway cars that hold about as many people as my hometown. I love watching football (Go Chiefs!) and hosting parties. One of my deepest passions in life is what I'm going to eat for dinner, and I'm excited about all of it from the soup-can casseroles to the multi-course tasting menus at restaurants I'm not always sure I can afford.

I am lucky to be able to share the adventure of big city living with my husband, a writer who is also from Kansas. We spend our days off together wandering around different neighborhoods, reading, going to the theater, planning travel adventures and making up specialty cocktails from our home bar.

I love weddings and am so excited by love. I may cry at your vows or speeches, I will feel all warm and fuzzy when you take each others' hands, and I will definitely hit the dance floor hard during the reception with my camera in hand. It would be an honor to be part of this special day in the story of your life. Get in touch to discuss the details today.