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The #1 most important thing to do after you get engaged.

You just said "Yes!" Now what?

Congratulations!! The whirlwind of planning the wedding and telling your engagement story on a constant loop is about to begin. It is such an exciting time in your relationship and it's definitely a period that you'll want to remember. 

But the thing is: with all the wonderful craziness surrounding this stage of your relationship it's really easy to let slide the most important aspects of it all: your love and your bond. So the number one thing that you should do before you start pinning ideas to the Pinterest board or even before telling the world? Take some time privately and truly celebrate this moment and commitment with one another. For you this may mean throwing on some fancy duds and hitting up the Plaza for champagne or putting on your favorite song and slow dancing in your kitchen or even taking a little trip upstate. But whatever you decide to do, just take that time to really focus on one another, breath in the moment and live in your love together. 

There are more things for you to check off before actually beginning your wedding planning (I've got a handy list of these below), but this celebration with just the two of you will be the thing you can look back on as things get hectic or overwhelming in the coming days. Make a promise to each other that you will take the time every so often to put planning to the side and recreate that feeling and that celebration together throughout your engagement. 

Now that you've taken care of the most important thing, here's a free downloadable checklist of a few more steps to take before you begin wedding planning full force! 

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