Let's laugh, dance, and make some kick-ass memories!

Ready to have a great time taking photos on your wedding day? Ready to see your pics and think: 'that actually looks like us having the time of our lives, and damn! we look good!'


Turn up the music and let's get down!

Whether it's a traditional affair in the city, a rager in the suburbs, or an offbeat event upstate, I've got your back. I'll hustle for you no matter your style and deliver photos that pulse with the energy and fun of your day.  

It's gonna feel like you've got a friend by your side. Your photos won't feel stuffy or overly posed because I'm not afraid to get hella goofy to help you feel at ease in front of the camera. I'll handle the little things--guiding you into good light or smoothing a rogue strand of hair during portraits--while still allowing the day to unfold naturally around you. I'll capture all of your candid laughs, tears, and booty shaking by getting right into the action beside you. And I know when to turn on the 'no bullsh!t voice' to wrangle your family and wedding party to focus for formals when time is short.

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Brooklyn Wedding Photographer

Sarah Bode-Clark Photography is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. I serve the New York City metro area and am also available to travel for destination weddings around the world.